The best way to attract targeted organic search traffic is to write about your business’ experiences. Your future customers are curious, they have questions, they search the web for answers. Chances are, they won’t find all the answers they’re looking for.

For markets like health, beauty and fitness, the web is saturated with content. But for ERP software, there just isn’t enough good, quality content.

That’s where you come in. You can help fill the knowledge gap and educate them. Research is the first step people take when looking to purchase a new ERP software system. If they find your content at the early stages of their purchase cycle then you’ll be first in line to build the trust needed to eventually make the sale.

The numbers: how blogging impacts organic search traffic

Check out the screenshot below from a client’s Google Analytics Account. Organic traffic increased 682% by consistently blogging!

Who should be writing your blog posts?

Everyone in your organization with knowledge and experience to share, but most importantly, willing to share it. You don’t want to force anyone to write if it’s not their forte. But there should be at least 1 person within your company writing posts. It is hands down, the most valuable content you can publish and the only thing that will stand out in the current sea of ghost written garbage that’s out there.

What should you write about?

The best solution centers are just that, “solution” centers. You solve problems. So it would make sense to write about specific problems that you solved for a customer. What solution did you implement that improved their business, increased efficiencies or saved them money? Use case studies, they always work well to get a prospect thinking about how you can help solve their problems.

Simple and quick ways to promote what you write

The first place you’ll want to share your content once it’s published is on LinkedIn.

Secondly, tweet a link to the article.

Next, add a link to your posts in your newsletter email.

These 3 easy ways provide instant traffic and opportunities for people to share your content.

Also, Google is listening to these social networks. So by publishing and sharing your content on LinkedIn and Twitter, you’re getting on the search engine’s radar, leading to additional search traffic.