Most people go about things without a plan. And by plan, I don’t mean something elaborate, like the Invasion of Normandy.  

It can be difficult to come up with topics for your blog. It’s much easier when you have a plan and a proven format.

Keep it simple. Write about the #1 most important aspect to keep in mind regarding any topic. This post is a great example. Here’s another:

Say you’re a financial adviser looking to put some of your great advice on your website blog. Start with this title…

“The 1 Single Most Important Thing to Know about Inflation in Retirement”

So what is the most important thing to know about inflation in retirement?

– That the cost of living doubles every 20 years. And if you haven’t accurately calculated the rate of inflation into your retirement planning, you’re probably going to outlive your money and end up bagging groceries to be able to afford cat food (for yourself).

Basically, you’re dropping singular nuggets of wisdom in every post. 1 per post.

Of course, you’re going to elaborate about that 1 piece of information. Everything can be further explained. Everything, no matter how simple, can be turned into a rabbit hole.

State of SEO Today (2019)

SEO is no longer about gaming the system. Google is using advanced algorithms that, every day, makes it more impossible to game.

They’re constantly moving the goal post. It’s way too far away to begin with.

And they have an army of human reviewers that review sites, pumping their results into the AI, further advancing their machine learning.

So what are these people and algorithms thinking when they’re reviewing sites? They’re looking for what think they is good for the user. The user being me, you and every human using a search engine.

It’s about usability. Does what comes up in the results page answer the question the user entered into the search box?

Back to 1

So what does this have to do with the title of this post?

People are usually looking for 1 answer. Just 1 answer at a time.

Do we really have time for “Top 10…” or “47 Ways to…” listicles. Not me.

I want to know the best way of doing something or 1 piece of insight that I didn’t have beforehand.

Because we’re all lazy. We want to know the 1 thing that’s going to make us thin, rich, beautiful, loved.

Realistically, there is no magic pill. But don’t hate the player right? Play the game. Give the people what they want.

And the next best thing to a magic pill is some impactful nugget of information from an expert such as yourself, right?

That 1 piece of insight you’re providing might not be a cure all, but it can be a North star. Guiding your audience in the right direction. Getting them in the ballpark. 

By providing them with that 1 sound piece of information, you’re showing your authority and setting them up to continue to turn to you for answers to more questions.

A Basic Method

So how do you set up and use this method?

Blog topic level

At the topic level. It’s all about drilling down and then across.

Take our financial advisor for example.

A financial advisor has to know about a wide variety of topics. Things like retirement plans, stocks, bonds, taxes, death (inheritance), business structures, marriage implications, kids, family, education, and more.

Make a list

If you’ve been doing your job (well) for the past decade of so, then you probably know a lot about a bunch of things (that most people don’t).

Grab a pencil and paper, your cellphone, or your laptop, and list them out.

 In the case of the financial advisor, he knows about retirement planning. 

There are a lot of important aspects of retirement planning. Inflation is a crucial aspect that’s often overlooked. 

Thinking about the title

So in the title, “The 1 Single Most Important Thing to Know about Inflation in Retirement”, the author is telling the audience that:

If you think retirement is important…
then let me tell you, don’t forget about inflation..

Now the reader is thinking. “Inflation? I can see how that might be a problem or me. What do I need to know the most about planning for inflation during my retirement years?”

As a strategy for all your blog posts

It’s all about targeting. Targeting a very specific prospect, and providing 1 very specific piece of advice. Just keep doing it over and over. Be consistent with your publishing and watch your audience grow! 

Al Carmona
Creative Director, Useractiv

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