Still using the same formula: Headline + bullet points, and some form fields? Get ready for the conversion revolution!

Most HubSpot landing pages are outdated!

The old way of doing things

Most marketers take a “Give me what I want” approach to landing pages. They lay out a form that has a bunch of fields and expect people to just willingly fill them out.

Let me clue you in on a little secret. People hate filling out forms.

Remember the last time you went to a new doctor and they made you fill out all those forms?

They usually ask you to come in 15 minutes early just so you can take care of the new patient forms.

It’s no different online. When you visit a landing page, you’re probably going there for the first time. 

Even if the headline peaks your interest and the offer is attractive, you still have to fill out the form.

What if there was a better way?

I find that the biggest problem with web usability is the lack of empathy. And empathy starts with asking relevant questions, 1 at a time. 

What if, instead of being greeted with a form, you’re greeted with a question relevant to how to solve your problem?

Starting the conversation and building rapport

Truly modern landing pages are more conversational in nature. When you speak with someone, whether they’re a friend, colleague, sales person or customer representative, the flow is usually conversational.

I don’t think anyone interacts with other people the way a standard web form interacts with a person. No one, when it’s their turn to talk, asks a bunch of questions in a row.

The flow is usually:

Person asks 1 question.
The other person answers that question.

Forms should be that way as well. But obviously with a purpose.

By using this approach online, you’re also building rapport and getting the user to invest their time into the conversation. That way, when it comes time for you to ask for their information (email, phone, name, etc.), they’re more open to providing you with it.

It’s a better experience for the user and it also means a higher conversion rate for you (along with more qualified leads).

The methods

There are several ways to implement a conversational-type landing page (also called interactive or multi-step).

The first step is to conduct research with actual prospects or customers. As an alternative, you can also role play with your team to come up with a typical Q&A script for your landing page.

Lay out the questions a prospect would usually ask a real person, when trying to solve a problem, or buying a product or service.

Once you have the script laid out, then translate that into individual screens that only display 1 question at a time. That way the user only has to deal with 1 thing at a time. Make it multiple choice, with preferably only 2 options (yes or no works great), although several more options may be needed.

Don’t add too many screens, so you don’t tire out the user. Try to keep it under 5.


Here’s an example for a website security form…

Ad or Call-to-action text:
“Click here to make sure your website is secure from attacks”

Landing page screen 1:
Headline- “Is your website secure? Enter your website address to check”
1 Form field: User enters their website address

Landing page screen 1:
Headline- “Checking your website for vulnerabilities, where should we send the security report?”
1 Form field: User enters their email address

The reason this works is because it got the user involved and invested before you asked for the contact info.

If at all possible, never show the user a contact form field until they’ve answered at least 1 simple question. This is called a microconversion.

If you manage to string along several microconversions, then it’ll be easier to get what you really want, the contact info. 

You’ve asked simple questions, 1 at a time, to get a better understanding of your user’s needs.

You’ve allowed them to express those needs in a conversational tone, without overwhelming them with the prospect of having to fill out multiple form fields all at once.


Al Carmona
Creative Director, Useractiv

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